BIQ Forum - Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Footprint Project
The BIQ Forum  believes that, however motivated, Private Enterprise has a huge capability to sustain the Natural Capital (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) of our planet, but to act they need to be able to measure.

BIQ is a collaborative effort to develop a standard framework for measuring biodiversity and ecosystem service footprints, dependencies and resilience at scales of use to businesses internationally. The methodology will be “open source” and free to use.

The BIQ Forum was founded by WWF-UK, ADAS UK Ltd and Green Growth International (GGI) Ltd

We have engaged with several existing organisations and initiatives, including The TEEB for Business Coalition (which is focussed on ecosystem services valuation) and  © European Union, 1995-2012                                                       the 4th edition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (Our aim is to provide an updated reference method for biodiversity indicators).  And we are currently looking for other international partners.
The 2nd BIQ scope appraisal has highlighted that the Biomass supply chains around food, textiles, wood&pulp and bio fuel have the greatest need for this protocol.

If you are interested in BIQ’s work, or wish to become involved, please contact us. There are opportunities to provide funding, advice and technical expertise.

We are in the consultative phase of this project, which began in February 2012 and could extend to 2014.


21st November 2013 The BIQ project is presented at the first World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh


1st February 2013. The BIQ Forum completes its 2nd appraisal of project scope.

27th November 2012, The BIQ Forum presents its findings, plans and funding with particular emphasis on agriculturally based food, textile and pulp supply chains, to the Environmental Committee of the British Retail Consortium.


10th October 2012. To assist the BIQ Forum address its shortfall in funding required to initiate the second ' scope definition' stage of the programme, the  BIQ Consortium has issued a call for business to pledge to subscribe to a  BIQ Corporate Membership package by 31st December 2012. The benefits of membership include:

  • An option to be promoted in conjunction with the BIQ Forum project e.g by the display of your corporate logo on the BIQ Consortium page of the BIQ Forum web site, etc.
  • Access to a named BIQ Forum contact
  • Subject to next stage completion, an invitation to a free, dedicated BIQ Consortium presentation of the findings of the second Stage of the BIQ project.

The subscription would be used to fund the next scope definition phase of the BIQ programme and a recommended subscription pledge is £3,500. Further information on the Corporate Membership package is available from Robin Dickinson on +44 (0) 7985 157640.

29th September 2012. BIQ Forum publishes the 50 page BIQ Consultation report following the public consultation held in June 2012. Based on the findings within the report, the BIQ Forum has concluded the following:

  • That there is a current requirementto enable the more comprehensive and material measurement, monitoring and reporting of corporate impacts on biodiversity that needs to be resolved
  • That the development of an initial would be technically feasible
  • However, that the scope of the approach and deliverables needs to be better defined.

In light of this conclusion, the BIQ Forum has identified the need for an interim six month Scope Definition phase, which will reference the recommendations in this report,Further funding options to enable this next interim stage of the project to begin are currently being explored.

5th July 2012 BIQ Forum in partnership with Aberystwyth University applied for research council grant for an academic intern to perform a short project to better define the objective, users and scope of the business Biodiversity Footprint Protocol to address one of the main findings of the consultation exercise. The BIQ Forum is urgently seeking match funding from commercial organisations for this small short project.


1st June 2012  BIQ Consultation document was published with twelve questions for return by 29th June 2012, results will be circulated by the end of August 2012


14th June 2012, 

Proclaimed a great success, 50 experts from leading institutions, Universities, NGOs, Practitioners and Businesses around the world came together at The Hellenic Centre, London to spend time discussing the issues raised in the BIQ Consultation Document and hear a fascinating suite of presentations from: The BIQ Forum; Dr Richard Spencer of the TEEB for Business Coalition; Ms Kerry Ten Kate of Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme; Dr.Tony Gutierrez of the Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology; Mr Andrew Blogg of Digital Mapping and Survey; Dr Stefano Targetti of the EU FP7 BIOBIO project; Dr Graham Sinden of Climate Strategies.   

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