BIQ Forum - Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Footprint Project
 BIQ Forum is urgently seeking annual members to join the BIQ Consortium that supports their  core work  - For a membership pack or to discuss the Consortium please contact Robin Dickinson   +44 (0) 2070 603 093 

On the 5th July 2012, the  BIQ Forum in partnership with Aberystwyth University applied for research council grant for an academic intern to perform a short project to better define the objective, users and scope of the business Biodiversity Footprint Protocol to address one of the main findings of the consultation exercise.

Our Donor

We would like to thank the following organisation for its contribution to the start up costs of the BIQ Forum:


BIQ Consortium

In order to gather resources for the Biodiversity Footprint Project, the BIQ Forum has established the BIQ Consortium. Members of the Consortium will sponsor the project for the three year development of the Biodiversity Footprint standard. 

The BIQ Consortium is not part of the BIQ Forum’s governance structure, nor involved in any step of the decision making process,  and it does not have a role in designing the project. The Consortium has a role in funding the BIQ Forum. The Biodiversity Footprint Project is funded by the BIQ Forum and approved by the Footprint Project Steering Committee. It will be implemented by the Project Office and the Technical Working Group.

If you would like to find out more about making a financial contribution to the Biodiversity Footprint Project, or are interested in joining the BIQ Consortium, please fill out the contact form and we would be pleased to provide further donation and contact information.

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